A sampling oscilloscope is a special type of DSO that exclusively uses a technique called “sequential equivalent-time sampling” or just “sequential sampling”. This type of sampling is best suited to repetitive waveforms such as serial data streams, clock waveforms and pulses in digital circuits, some of the data patterns used in semiconductor testing, and amplifier pulse-response and rise-time tests. A sampling scope captures just one sample from one cycle of the waveform and then repeats the process over a large number of cycles, varying the timing of the sample in a known pattern from one sample to the next.

We have designed, fabricated, and tested a low cost tunable narrow pico-pulse generator using a 60ps transition time step-recovery diode (SRD) device. Both the pulse duration and shape are electronically controllable using PIN diodes that are optimally connected in series. A simple concept of an input-matching network was developed and implemented that can significantly minimize pulse broadening and suppress pulse distortion

At Eltesta we realize that your choice of test accessories can be almost as important as your choice of test equipment.

Some other our products which already discontinued from manufactory